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5 Tips For Achieving Your Resolutions To A Healthier You

Making your resolutions a reality!


When you hear of health resolutions you immediately think about the extra pounds you want to lose, any budding health issues you may have, that outfit you desire to wear, the attention you're seeking from others or any number of other things you want to check off your health bucket list. These goals are not only restricted to how you think, but also your plan of action.


Here are some tips you can use to think positively about your health resolutions and maintain your plan of action.


Tip # 1 - I will learn how to manage my time better.


This is a great tip for individuals who have drastic ebbs and flows in their schedules or have been unable to create enough time for themselves. For instance, my work schedule is very demanding and can fluctuate with little notice. I purposely block out three 30 minute slots within a 24 hour time period to work out regardless of what is going on in my life. I realize that some people prefer more of a static schedule, but unfortunately I do not have that luxury and I do what is necessary. So prioritize scheduling your exercise time even if it's only for 15 minutes per day.


Tip # 2 - I will get focused and become more productive.


This is the perfect tip for those of us who waste time on social media or find ourselves succumbing to other distractions that get us off-track. Before you know it you're wondering where the day went and you haven't finished either household or personal errands including exercise. Developing routines in your life is the key. It’s like waking up and brushing your teeth before leaving the house. We would never think to leave the house without brushing our teeth. A general daily routine of mine once I wake up is to pray, bust out 80 to 100 push-ups and then shower. It is automatic for me. I don't check my phone for messages and social media until after completing this routine.


Tip # 3 - I will put myself first.


Do you often feel like you make sacrifices for others and undervalue yourself? If so, then this tip will help you rethink and revamp your strategy towards prioritizing your needs before others. I use to spread myself out so thin that I did not have enough time for myself to include getting proper sleep. I juggled work , home, fraternity and a relationship which absorbed the majority of my time. I am not saying that those things are not important, but I had little if any time for myself. I was tired all the time, mentally exhausted and was getting out of shape. I had to make a change. I cut back on watching television, social media and I learned how to say no. I realized that there is only one of me and everybody wanted a piece of my time. It was difficult at first, but I discovered that I had more time for myself to exercise and most importantly to think. I am a better person for myself and to others for making the change.


Tip # 4 - I will grow myself and delegate more.


If you have more work than you can handle and no time to focus on growing yourself, it’s time to stop wearing all the hats in your life and start bringing in others to pick up the slack. This tip focuses on building your supports or team and learning how to delegate effectively. This is one of my favorite tips that I personally use in business and that you can also implement with your family and friends. For example, my son KJ probably knows how to properly maintain a home better than some adults do. At age 6, I taught him how to sweep the kitchen floor and take out the trash. I have increased his responsibilities over time and now he is performing them without being told at age 12. This is a simple example of delegation and shared ownership which should free up time for you to exercise or plan healthy meals.


Tip # 5 - I will stop making excuses.


“Excuses are tools of the incompetent that leads to monuments of nothingness. Those that use them seldom amount to anything at all”. For those that know me, I lack faith in people who make excuses or promises that they do not keep. Make a commitment to yourself and do something to get your health on track and stick to it. Do not lie to yourself! Create a starting point to getting healthy and peck your way to better you. I started by making my mind up and choosing to do something about improving my health. I begin doing sets of push-ups to eventually customizing a workout program that works for me. You must remember that your health is your life line to happiness. Nothing else matters without it.


So what is the next step? The next step is choosing to become healthier. Create a small plan that includes exercise and healthier eating habits then execute it. Do not make excuses. Even the smallest change towards being healthy counts so let’s get started.


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