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A sincere thanks to my supporters!

I would like to sincerely thank my supporters for having faith in my ability to create and implement this blog project. I truly believe that a person must see a vision and speak life to it for it to manifest. This blog is a stepping stone to other projects that I am currently working on.


In regard to the blog, I am now featuring young people that inspire to do great things under the title "Lifting as I climb". In addition, I am currently in the position to get paid for writing and would like to thank my sponsors for recognizing my blog as a marketing value. Finally, I have been invited to post a piece in a west coast news paper as well as be a journalist for music artist. I will announce the source in celebration once an agreement is made.


I am shaking my head in amazement by witnessing the favor pouring into my life so quickly. I am very thankful for having the greatest sponsors and supporters a man can ever have. I hope you receive my heart felt thank you!






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