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Change Your Lane and Bear Fruit

For the fruit of light is found in all that is good and right and true Ephesiansians 5:9 ESV


Are you going in the wrong direction and need to shift the narrative of your life? God's plans didn't change, but yours did. You thought you had it all mapped out, but then life happened. My message to you is not to be dismayed because God is doing something new. It is time to change your lane and bear the fruit of your harvest. A key to that lane change is to love your scars, learn from the past and search for truth. You can't legislate truth.


I had a conversation with a friend earlier this year about a burnt pear tree in her parent's backyard. She said it caught fire some time ago yet it still bears fruit. Her story about that tree inspired me to write this article because it reminded me of my life. I have lived with a multitude of events that have shaped me to be the man I am today. I have been hurt, yet have hurt, I have been lied to, but have lied, I have been talked about and back-stabbed, I have lost opportunities due to poor decisions, but despite those challenges, God has blessed me exceedingly. Like that pear tree, the burning in my life are trials and tribulations that have left scars, yet I am bearing fruit. I have shifted lanes and living my best life.


Living my best life includes being steadfast, honest, and true. It feels so good to be mentally and spiritually free because of honest intentions that result in enhanced experiences. My freedom has allowed me to enjoy the most simple things in life. It appears a lack of freedom in my life clouded my mind and judgment and lead to doubt and some levels of unhappiness. There are times when you will be forced to lay everything on the table, but you will come out of it a free person in the end.


You can achieve the same satisfaction if not more by having the courage to take control of your life. Don't allow people to dictate or judge your life framework. You may make some people uncomfortable because you go against what they believe is best for you. If that is the case, respect their insight, but keep it moving. All people are not worthy to sit at your table including some friends and family. Remember to trust in the spirit and the anointing that God has on you.


I have sown seed, prayed and cried numerous times for areas to produce a harvest in my life. There were times that I have been impatient, applied shortcuts and picked fruit immaturely before it was time. I have learned to be patient and trust in the Lord to strategically position me at the right time and place. I must continue to allow God to complete his work in me.


I believe that you are about to get a promotion in life. God is unlocking new people and opportunities that those in the past couldn't do. Maintain your faith and continue to talk to God. At times it may feel that he is not listening, but he is preparing your next assignment. Have the courage to trust in the Lord and change your lane. I declare that this time next year my house will overflow with fruit abundantly. How about you?


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