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Construct Your Now For Tomorrow

When you were ready, I wasn't, and when I was, you were gone. Perfect scenario of universal chaos. There is no such thing as balance, try to tip the scales in your favor - KELVIN ABNEY



I am still glowing from the great weekend I experienced as I write this article. It is just the second month in 2019, and it has been very fulfilling for me already. I have exceeded expectations for my plan for this year in several areas and I am very excited to see what the rest of 2019 will bring.


Each year, I create a vision plan for myself in the areas of work, business, family, love, financial, physical, mental, spiritual and community. I have produced some of those things already and will continue chip away at the others. I am so excited about this year that I felt compelled to share what I believe can help you achieve your visions and goals.


For starters with creating a vision, you must understand who you are and what you value. Your values are the seeds of your motivation and your behaviors. Additionally, it would help if you shut the door on things, people and habits that hold you back. It is challenging to springboard into your NOW when you still carry the weight of issues and problems from your past. Drop those things where they stand and jet out of there towards your new future. You can't change the past anyway so why linger in it.


Create a long term vision plan for yourself in the area of personal growth. See yourself in years to come to have developed entirely in every vital part of your life. Never compromise your goals and dreams.


Nut and bolt your vision. Break your ideas down into small parts. For example, you even create a plan for going out on the town. You know how you want to look and you create an action plan to get it done. You purchase a jacket with those slacks, select the shade of lipstick that will transition into your make up correctly and you get your hair done.


Now, increase and upgrade your knowledge to help with your goals by setting specific measures for each one. For example, if your goal is to excel physically, determine how you will know when you have achieved it. Decide how you can measure your progress and evaluate your success.


Next, turn your actions into habits and behaviors that you need to practice every day to become the person you want to become. These can be the habits of clarity, planning, thoroughness, studiousness, hard work, determination, and persistence.


Decide today to develop yourself to the point where you can achieve every financial, physical, mental, spiritual and personal goal you ever set out to become. Write down your goals and look at them every day, then ponder ways you can achieve these goals. Stop staring into the rearview mirror and keep your eyes looking forward as you construct your today for tomorrow.


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