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Cross your bridge through innovation

Most every person during their lifetime will face a condition that will require innovation to survive. For example, the COVID-19 pandemic requires people to adjust their routines to protect themselves and retool their lives. We are required to practice social distancing, increase handwashing, and wear a mask to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Some have lost jobs, money and even loved ones to this catastrophic event. A lack of innovation and action during these challenging times will most likely result in a tougher future.


What is innovation? In my opinion, it is a key part of growth and achievement in a person's life when faced with a condition. I believe there are four sub-components to innovation. They are,

  • Actively seek opportunities.

  • Being curious and seek answers beyond the obvious things.

  • Thinks " Big Picture".

  • Never gives up despite obstacles and adversities.

The four sub-components that I mentioned are critical steps for survival. It is important to recognize that most everyone is operating in imperfect conditions and have deficiencies.


So now that we understand the conditions and components of innovation then we should re-frame our lives by creating a plan. This step is most exciting for me because I believe that adversity forces creativity. Brainstorm to create ideas or seek advice from experts to help solve problems. I recommend initiating a plan by focusing on the end game. Ask yourself what is it that you would like to achieve then develop steps to bridge the gap from that goal to your reality.


Now it is time to implement. Write down goals, set deadlines, keep your mind focused and on task. Learn new skills along the way, act, and do not procrastinate.Put your plan into action until it becomes a reality. Be sure to reward yourself when your goals are achieved.


Innovation requires risk, so it is vital to allow for a level of failure. You can do everything right when executing a plan, but still, fail to achieve the goal. Do not lose hope if this happens. Remain flexible, regroup, and keep it moving.


Remember that you are not alone. There are many people worldwide faced with similar or maybe worse challenges. You must stand up, dust off, and tap into that innovation gene innate in us all to help overcome current circumstances to survive.


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