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Dare to Have Courage to Walk Away From Dead Things.

Its been a moment since the last time I published an article. I can always blame it on life events which indeed did occur or accept that I did not make writing a priority. We all are guilty of allowing things we should be doing fall by the wayside especially those critical things that keep us alive and vibrant. Unfortunately, I invested my precious time in dead things, and my return on investment was minimal at best.


Don’t make excuses! The fact of the matter is that we should not invest in things, people or habits that are holding us back. These things will kill your potential, and you should have let go long ago. They appear to be good for you at the moment, but they are leading you to dead places. You must have the courage to change and walk away from the dead situations in your life. It’s never easy during the trials, but you will look back later and celebrate that you did.


The good news is that you can start over and accept your past as a teaching moment. You can find good even in the worst situations. For example, I counseled a friend over the weekend about life challenges she was facing. Everything seemed bleak to her as she communicated issue after issue. I pointed out some good in her life despite the problems, and her mindset changed immediately. She recognized that she dwelled in dead places and needed to make a change. Further, I stated that this is a teaching and testing moment and it means that greater things are in store for her.


The same is true for you too. Only you know what is holding you back. You can recover regardless of your challenges because greater things are in store for you. You need to identify those dead things in your life and have the courage to bury them where they belong. Do not allow those dead things to tether. You must cut the cord decisively and reinvest in you and your bright future.


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