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Dare to Journey - Steps to Walking Purposely to a Better Life

In 2021, I declared that I would live more purposely and proclaimed

greatness for the remainder of my life. Thus far, 2022 has been one of the most phenomenal years ever for me. Join me, if you will, in daring to journey toward a better life by adjusting your thoughts and practicing the following as I do:

● Don’t compete with anyone or anything. PERIOD!

● Don’t seek external validation.

● Know that you have nothing to prove to anyone.

● Be in union with the universe and most importantly, be completely

   honest with yourself.

● Allow yourself to be free of burdens. Learn how to handle your

   thoughts and emotions.

● Don’t delay – do it TODAY! Don’t wait for tomorrow because the

   future is not promised.

● Put in time now so you can put up your feet later.

● Learn from the past and let go of what hurt you.

● When you finally get a taste of peace, completely cut off anyone that attempts to disturb it.

● Realize there is only one enemy in your life – and that is YOU!

● Pay attention and live life to the fullest. Live blissfully. Smell flowers,

   bird watch, feel the water, wind, rain and sun rays caress your body.

● Know that the quality of your life is determined by how well you

   manage it, so do so intently.

● Don’t surrender yourself to circumstances and forfeit what you want even during the most challenging of times.

● Give your passion 100% effort.

● Determine the negative emotion that stands in the way of what you

want. Keep it real and don’t posture. Do what you can to neutralize this feeling to create a path towards your goals.

● Remember, if it’s by God’s design, then it shall be!

● The most important thing on this planet is YOU!


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