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Dare to journey with Kelvin Abney - Loving yourself unconditionally to achieve a healthy lifestyle

Looking for the right opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle can sometimes feel like a slippery slope. You get your hopes up and create health resolutions, thinking this is "it" and will not quit to only fizzle out to feeling mentally deflated. Or, you finally gain enough traction, investing time, money and energy in gym’s, personal trainers and equipment to have the whole thing collapse on you because of the lack of discipline.

You feel like you take one step forward and two steps back. You visualize how you want to look and feel and you finally make a commitment to change. But, after so much wishing and trying, it seems like your stuck and you will never change. Sometimes, it practically feels impossible and you fall back into unhealthy habits that can eventually lead to health issues.   One of the reasons why I created this blog is to let you know that "I get it". And I am here to help you by saying that the arduous, seemingly impossible slippery slope can eventually become a virtual highway to healthier living.


After listening to many people with the same challenges I believe that the biggest barrier between you and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an unloved part of yourself. As long as you keep criticizing, judging, and hating parts of yourself, you will stunt your growth to maintain healthy habits for healthier living. You will stay stuck in a continuous pattern of broken promises to make a change. I believe you are what you say and equates to how you think. So in short, you must love yourself regardless of your conditions.


But, once you get clear on the parts of yourself you've rejected - and you embrace all of you - transformation happens quickly. Because once you have that unconditional love for yourself, you will have the enthusiasm to reduce unhealthy habits and increase ways to become healthier. All it takes is a paradigm shift, conscious effort, commitment and the guidance that has kept you stuck climbing that endless slippery slope.


For instance, I am my hardest critic and would become very upset when I did not achieve my health goals based on my timeline. I would become discouraged and would not be at a good place mentally. The problem with that is that I didn't give myself enough credit for my efforts despite not achieving my goals. So, I had to settle down and realize that I need to love myself and stay focused.


I continued to peck away with executing health action steps and eventually, my transformation happened. I began to see and feel the results and my enthusiasm increased tremendously. I needed to stop being so hard on myself and appreciate that I was at least moving in the right direction to improve my health.


Health transformation takes time and like a sculpture, I had to chisel away stone a piece at a time to achieve my health masterpiece. So, love yourself regardless of your condition. Recognize your health challenges, create health goals then execute. You need to walk away from the scale and the mirror sometimes and just work your plan.


Life happens! Don't hate yourself, regroup and get back on track. Get your mind back in the game. I will love you regardless of your condition and support your efforts. Will you?


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