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Do you need to change your life prescription?

So, you say you feel a sense of sadness and stress at the prospect of not having accomplished the vision/goal of a plan assignment? And you say you worked hard and poured your energies into the task and your goal did not develop as planned? You are unaccustomed to your vision not coming to pass because typically when you set your mind to do something, you make it your business to accomplish it. You, in a nutshell, feel as though you failed. Failed in not achieving your goals after sacrificing so much time and energy.


I challenge you to instead see the demise of your goals as a "change in your life prescription" to correct and improve your vision as opposed to your sight or vision failing you. You need a new prescription because your current situation is blurry.

Think about it this way. You may have thought that your initial goals were set in stone, but really it was part of a much larger, life-altering plan -- a set of circumstances that set into motion a new direction and discovery of options in life that you may not have considered.

For example, my move to New Jersey in summer 2020 was a plan full of hope and promise and a vision of planting seeds for a new beginning. In short fashion, those plans were thwarted due to unpredictable outcomes that, in hindsight based on what I know now, I would not have taken the risk to relocate for had I known. But instead of that derailing me, because of my belief, planning, hard work and willingness to adjust, I encountered new discoveries and opportunities that superseded my initial plan.

You see, I had a change in my life prescription and had to readjust my lenses. I gained promotions at work and engaged in a business sooner than I anticipated. I established new relationships with family and friends and added them to my love circle. I am farther ahead now than what I initially planned and I have gained more than what I have lost. Even now, I am incredulous, marveling at how amazing this all is and how blessed with favor I am that this has all happened at once.

Because my vision was cleared of its focus on what had become draining instead of enriching, what was depleting instead of energizing, I could instead set my sights on other developing/evolving goals that I did accomplish or are in the process of accomplishing (i.e. selling my house, working hard for my work promotions, embarking on what promises to be a powerful book and building on my love relationship, etc.)

How might those things have been impacted had I continued down my initial path? Would I have accomplished those things noted or be on track to do so as they currently are if I had stuck with the original plan?

My ability to have clarity of vision about the dynamics of my move to New Jersey also allowed me to analyze and determine what I was willing to manage and compromise on -- and what I was not. What I had grown weary of and would no longer tolerate despite my passion for my initial plans. I dedicated so much intense energy and time into my initial plan and within 6 months everything began to unravel and eventually died.

Those outcomes are now in the past and will forever be a reminder to continue towards my journey to greatness. True enough, my past experiences helped shape my perspective and outlook, but they are NOT my present and most certainly NOT my future.

The bottom line message is this…. Do not fret because your original plans did not go as expected. Instead, reevaluate your plans, learn from your mistakes and make the necessary adjustments to change the blurriness in your perspective and to see exactly where you need to be for your now and for the future. It is never too late to gain the things you are asking for. I am a living testimony of how change in your life prescription will make all the difference.

P.S. – Thank you South Jersey for the love. It has been bittersweet. I am leaving you to embark on my new journey and adventures and I hope there are no hard feelings. There are certainly none on my part.


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