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Healthy Eating Featuring Chef Kim Yokely.

Most people probably heard the saying " you are what you eat" and never processed what that means. Research shows that what you ingest into your body can be beneficial or have negative consequences for your overall well being. As I continue to journey the path to a healthy lifestyle, I realize the importance of eating foods that are good for nutrition to remain healthy and increase my chances of living longer. I would guess that most people feel the same way that I do, but, may struggle with the details of the "how-to" eat healthier on a consistent basis.


My "how-to" approach started in the kitchen. I wanted to prepare healthy foods daily because it was convenient and cost-effective. The problem I ran across was finding great recipes and preparation that required less time to cook a meal. So, I connected with my Spelman College friend, chef, and home cook Kim Yokely to educate and guide me.


Kim's philosophy about healthy eating is intriguing because she believes that food is medicine for the body and that it should remain balanced and peaceful at all times. She recommends eating foods that are respectful of your body. "You can structurally ingest all types of foods, but the laws of your body will dictate what is good and what is not." She educates those that seek guidance with selecting foods that will maximize your nutrition intake and keep you charged up.


Kim's journey with healthy eating began when she met several 40-year old Vegans while as a student at Spelman College. She was so impressed by how healthy they were that she decided to learn more about vegetarianism. In 2005, she went total vegan after studying with doctors and master vegan chefs from around the world. During her travels worldwide as a massage therapist, she educated herself in healthy cooking. Kim earned a reputation not just for massage therapy, but for preparing healthy and delicious meals, so she decided to pursue cooking full-time.


Today, she travels between Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Nashville educating people on the preparation of healthy meals. She has clients in Harlem, Detroit, Washington, D.C., and Dubai. She also cooks for the actress, singer Jill Scott and rapper Doug E. Fresh.


You can learn more about Kim and her healthy eating recipe recommendations in several publications and sites below:



Instagram: Instagram@thebalmlifestyle Publications:,


Finally, Kim honored me as a guest speaker to discuss the importance of fitness for the mind and body without the use of equipment. We believe that our combination of good food and customized exercise will be a benefit for the masses who seek a healthier lifestyle. The events are scheduled to take place March and April 2018 in Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, Nashville, D.C., Dallas and Pittsburg so stay tuned.


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