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It's Time to Ignite Your Flame

Many of us were programmed to go to school and work hard, find a job, climb the ladder, make money, get married, raise a family, work at a job for years until retirement regardless if you like it or not, retire, grow old and then die. How ridiculous is that? How well is that plan working for you? Some may toss in several vacations and memorable moments with family and friends to achieve short-term happiness and believe your living the good life. I personally witnessed many people that are performing in some of those areas I mentioned but are still struggling financially, in unhappy marriages or relationships and living life unfulfilled.


You were always told to live and map your life to sacrifice your time, money and efforts for others while your happiness is on the back burner. The end result is that you will be remembered as a person that did what you was told based on how you were groomed and how society expects you to live until you meet your maker either in heaven or hell. I call that type of living the lemur syndrome life, and it is ridiculous. I personally reject it all.


LIVE YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY! By no means am I saying to be reckless but focus on YOU first and stop with the illusional believe that if I do what I am told I will eventually achieve happiness someday.


I beat my own drum and dance to my own rhythm, and it makes me different. I know that I am not like other men and my first duty is to ignite my flame with purpose and live life my way. In doing so, I identified that GOD gave me the ability to attract people and I can help teach others to fuel their fire and define purpose in their life. God has gifted me with this purpose, and I plan to use it to help make a positive difference for others.


Igniting your flame requires risk in areas of finances, love and personal growth. You must have a deep faith to believe in what your doing and know that you have the power to overcome any barrier in life regardless of what is thrown at you. You can expand and achieve victory, but you must have courage because you will be exposed if you fail. But who cares what others think? For example, I coached a friend of mine who was in and out of a relationship with a girl he loves. They recently connected just as friends only with the possibility of working on rebuilding their relationship. His only concern was his family and friends who rejected her because of past issues between them. My advice to him was to live his life and don't worry about what others think. Additionally, to keep his mouth shut and stop sharing so much with others. People break up to make up and meanwhile your friends and family will never forget the bad stuff.


Currently, they are working things out and extremely happy together. Months later I reminded him that you never know what the future holds unless you take the risk to live life your keep living.


It is never too late to scrap the old way of thinking and living to start a new life of fulfilled happiness. You can generate that income that will make a difference, prepare yourself for that true love and increase the days of joy with all that life has to offer during the remaining time that you do have on this earth. Stop investing the majority of your efforts to make other people productive and happy with your blood, sweat, and tears and start pouring more fuel on your own flame.


Kelvin Abney - Author of Dare To Journey


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