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Journey to Self-Reinvention - Lord knows if I hear the words “The New Normal

Unprecedented" again.... SMH. I get it! 2020 is a year to remember. COVID 19 has destroyed lives causing us to rethink how we socialize with one another. Then, you have this obvious and blatant racism stemming from entities and authorities that swore to protect and serve ALL people equally according to the law. Additional stresses have come from job losses, business closings, death and illnesses of loved ones, and other factors, too many to name, that have taken a toll on us all. The fact of the matter is that we are all managing some level or form of stress. The question is, what can we do about all of life’s pressing issues? Well, my solution is to reengineer or reinvent yourself.  

Now is a perfect time to focus on self and change your conditions to becoming a better you. The next question is how do I do that? There are 5 fundamental points that I believe can help you create the change in you, no matter what you are thinking of achieving.

The first point is to believe that you can. This point is probably the most important step to me because if you do not believe in yourself then the race is over. You must have a mindset in believing that you can achieve anything in which you set your mind. Know what matters to you. Your vision of a better future gives emotional energy to pull people forward. Pay attention to what is happening so you can shape the future. Your visions, values, and how you use them will guide what you do.

The second point is generating the energy to excel. You must have an aspiration in what you believe. Aspiration is like the fuel needed to get the ball rolling. Do what you must to get this factor in gear. Some people pray or listen to music to make this happen. Whatever rocks your boat, then do it safely. Your job is to get psyched for the journey ahead. Additionally, your mind must be clear and sharp, at a state of readiness.

The third point is to challenge yourself. This can be the hardest part because it requires work and action. You are working your plan towards achieving what you want. Something worth having is not easy. So, it requires a level of sacrifice. You may need to cut back and trim away the fat in your life. For example, stop binge eating, read instead of watching television or walk away from being on your cell phone. Invest in yourself fully and be relentless in building your strengths and leveraging your weaknesses. Do not forget it is a race, so pace yourself and build endurance with deliberate action.

The fourth point is engaging support. Muster help from mentors, friends, and family to help sustain and keep you moving in the right di may need to cut back from some people because they may not have your best interests at heart. Be smart about with whom and what you share until you hit the mark.

The fifth point is to practice deliberately. You know the old saying “practice makes perfect”. There is a lot of truth to that statement. There are some natural talents in the world, but even they took the time to practice their craft with purposeful intent. Build a routine of execution and research ways to become better.

The bottom line is that you must continue to remind yourself who you are and what you stand for. Learn from others, look inward to find what’s right for you, then combine the two to find your voice. Record the key peaks and valleys of your journey. Again, I know that 2020 has been challenging, but you can propel forward and persist in the face of difficulties. I believe in you and my hand is extended in this message to help you to stand up, dust off, and step up to the starting block for the race ahead.


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