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Keep Your Life Wheel Spinning

I loved playing with Gyroscopes as a kid because it was entertaining, and I was amazed at how it operated. I would spin the wheel, and it would maintain its orientation or direction even when I attempt to change the position. I was so fascinated that I decided to learn more about the science behind how it worked. I discovered that it operates based on Newton's second law - Force equal mass and acceleration or F= ma. I am not going to get into detail about the physics, but I did incorporate the science into a belief.


I believe that if I keep my wheel spinning in life, then I should be able to overcome circumstances while maintaining my orientation. My equation is as follows:


Σ {Gyroscope (ME) + Spin (BELIEF) + Action (ORIENTATION)} = Results


For example, I am the Gyroscope, and the spin is those things that help maintain my orientation and direction. They consist of an infusion of God, continued support of family and friends, and my effort to do good. Outside forces can consist of issues or challenges such as a death, job loss, relationship issues, health problems, or a multitude of different factors. Those things are deterrents and can reduce your spin and eventually topple you over.


The obvious is to maintain your spin in life because it is inevitable that you will encounter forces that will attempt to change your orientation or direction. I think it is important to revisit what keep you spinning on a routine basis and adjust when necessary. For example, what spun your wheel six years ago may not be enough to sustain your spin today, so you need to upgrade.


I wrote this article with hopes of motivating you to maintain an upright position in life. Attract, adopt, and incorporate beliefs, practices, and people that keep your life wheel spinning. The result is increased stability and positive trajectory for you. Whatever you need to help remind you to stay upright, then use it. I just so happened to discover mine in a toy.


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