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Kelvin Abney -Finding the root cause to recovery for discovery featuring Dr. O!

It's been several months since I last wrote an article on my blog Dare to Journey because of life obligations that prioritized my time. A new job assignment, increased business obligations and life changes forced me to re-position my strategy and life routines. I finally got a handle on better managing my life and so now I am back in the saddle.


During my hiatus, I was looking for additional ways to help promote good health for men and women who are middle age. Even though there are many ways to promote my spirit continued to flag the importance of mental health. In my opinion, your mental state is the starting point for a healthier lifestyle and if not managed can lead to serious health consequences.


Recently, I have had a discussion with a friend who was involved in a challenging relationship and I pinpointed that mental health was the main culprit.


For example, my friend reconnected with a woman he dated for several years. Their initial break up stemmed from insecurities, lack of communication and trust, infidelity and levels of immaturity. After several months of complete separation, they decided to work on renewing the relationship. I must note that the woman was receiving treatment for mental illness prior to the breakup. Since coming back together, they planned a marriage, went house hunting and job searched to physically be together.


The relationship was thriving despite having small disagreements until one day, my friend discovered that she was having inappropriate relations with other men and she spoke negatively about him with friends and family. My friend became distraught and decided to walk away from the relationship once again because of what he describes as another one of her mental episodes.


But check this, despite all the drama with this woman he still wants her. At that point, I realized that my friend may need counseling because his state of mind was off. I honestly told him that she was not the right women for him and he must get to the root of why he needs to walk away from her to recover then discover new opportunities.


I recommended that he listen to a Vlog by Dr. O, a Psychiatrist, and my Morehouse College colleague about the reciprocity of healing. Below is the link to Dr. Dwight A. (Dr. O) Owens Vlog who assisted my friend and who can help you to determine the root causes for recovery to discovery.


Dr. Owens is Board-certified in Adult and General Psychiatry. Board-eligible in Forensic Psychiatry.

practice: Peachtree Psychiatric Service.

Location:1720 Peachtree St NW Suite 640 Atlanta, GA 30309

Phone: (404) 575-4785


                                                                  VLOG LINK




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