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Peck your way to good health through excercise

Are you like many people that I know who may struggle with exercising consistently because of the lack of time, discipline or will? You know in your mind that you need to get active in some form or fashion because looking at yourself in the mirror or putting on clothes is becoming a turn off. Now that it is 2017, you decided to join the gym and dive into a shallow commitment of working out routinely to eventually burn out and quit. If this is you then your not alone. I was once like this as well and made the same declaration then quit over time for various reasons. I do not have a full proof solution to your fitness goal however, I do have some suggestions to help you peck way to a healthier you.


1. Start at your on pace. - Everybody is not on the same physical level as you are. Do exercises that are comfortable when getting started then gradually challenge yourself. A brisk walk for 10 minutes a day can gradually become a jog then running over time. I have known too many including myself at one point that "Go Hard" then become discouraged because they over exercised. Now, your body is super sore and your mind is telling your body to take a break. That break turns into sitting on the sofa to eventually not working out at all.

2. Create a plan. - A plan can consist of working out three days a week for 15 minutes. Developing and executing a workout plan increases your success rate of exercising consistently.

3. Create time to work out. - I understand that life is busy and we have a lot going on. Invest in yourself first so create time to workout. Working out during the afternoon for 30 minutes a day is perfect for me. There are times that I can only do 15 minutes a day, but I "Go Hard" and feel great from exercising and staying the course. Even twenty push ups a day can be significant and lead you down the path to good health.

4. Don't quit. - Working out can be tough, but don't give up. Again, start small then gradually increase your time and workout challenges. Think about a person that workout and you physically admire. It required work to look the way they do, so keep at it, stay motivated and peck your way to good health.


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