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Welcome to Dare to Journey - A blog for mid-life men and women who want to live healthier lives.

Hello, my name is Kelvin Abney and I am the author of Dare to Journey. I am very excited about the creation of this blog as a communication medium to promote good health for men and women who are considered mid-life. I define mid-life as individuals who are between the ages of 40 and 60 years old. I have many friends who are in this age range that desire to live healthier lives.


I targeted this age group because of three major factors. The first factor is the increase health risk. At about the age of 40, the body begins to break down and can result in an increase of health issues. The second factor is the lack of proper exercise to maintain good health. The final factor is about nutrition and its importance to healthy living.


My vision for this blog is to help people make healthier life style choices through open dialogue and the sharing of ideas and opinions. Are you ready to start? Well lets go!


Thank You!


 Kelvin Abney


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