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You Are More Than Enough

There are moments in which you feel like you don’t quite measure up and you sink into feelings of varying degrees of worthlessness -- especially when dealing with adversities in life. People speaking negatively about you and attempting to destroy you as a person may leave you feeling hopeless. There are times, too, that your feelings of inadequacy may drive you to say negative things about yourself or attempt to achieve unrealistic standards, resulting in even more stress.


Trust me, I know exactly how you feel, but I want you to remember just one thing - God sees more than what those around you can see. God sees where you’re going and the purpose you have. God knows that the road is tough, but He will never leave you. You are being prepared for something greater than you could ever imagine. He knows that you have the ambition and drive to complete your purpose and that you have precisely what it takes. So today take a moment and remember that even through the disappointments, hardships, and even people walking out of your lives, you are far from inadequate. You have a purpose and are more than enough! So stand tall and walk confidently, knowing that you are exactly where you need to be for your amazing future.


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